Wanna Come Inside My Head with Me? It's awfully scary in here...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mini vans,

Holy roley poley! I drive a minivan too, I'm the Notorious B.I. "itch"! I call it "Shuttle Craft Lowe", get it? So silly & dumb. I swore I'd never drive one... oh how hilarious this life can be! Being broke & kid crazy changed that "idea" quick! But when we "go away" somewhere, I'm sure glad I have that.. as you put it, "losermobile", cause I can move that  backseat ... all the way to the back! Now you'll feel like your on a roller coaster & be nauseous! "Nah, nah, nah... I can't hear you.. la la la lala.... I'm driving over a bridge now, "Are you scared Mommy?"! I know how it freaks you out!!". "Silence. I'm trying to concentrate." sayeth the Queen of Insanity & Chaos.