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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most Ignorant & Narcissistic Person of the Year" Award, goes to...

This person is such a joke. Really, her video clip today made me vomit a little. Her name is Palin. Sarah Palin, and she literally makes me sick.

She is absolutely the dumbest (and I don't use that word in my life), most cowardly and narcissistic person I have EVER had the misfortune of hearing babble complete NONSENSE! Uh, YOU are responsible, Sarah Palin! You posted it on your page, knew what it looked like and the tone there-in, yet approved it. If this killer is mentally ill, he's not entirely at fault. The leaders of this nation act like bickering toddlers, spouting hateful and violent words back and forth, an example... and I quote, "Don't retreat, reload." You even said , "18 down, 2 to go.."! WTF is wrong with you? Since when is it acceptable to speak to/refer to ANY human being in the MANY, many ways you have? God help us if "leaders" (and I use that term extremely loosely) shock jocks, and HATE SPEWERS like you continue your IGNORANT RANTS and ACTIONS! You should be ASS-shamed! Be a WOMAN and accept your fault in this! YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! Putting a Crosshair on a state (but many), then list people's names? Are you serious? And it's everyone else's fault but yours too? What about Rush Limbaugh's billboard in Tucson, AZ ( http://gawker.com/5732700/ ). Yeah sure, it's everyone else's fault right? You all are JOKES! Start acting like grown ups and STOP IT NOW,  the rhetorical hateful violence... it has to end, NOW! Disgraceful is what you all are.... you should be ashamed. Especially, Palin.

*** Yes my pals, I know she (Palin) won't see this, but I put it out into the Universe and Karma.... that's good for me. Ugh, she is so sad and clueless

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